5 Books to Download on Audible Now


Finding time to read has never been easier

Curling up with a book is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Unfortunately, between this and that, reading often gets pushed to the back burner. That’s where Audible comes in. The subscription service contains thousands of audiobooks, including many of our favorite titles. So whether you’re lounging at the beach or commuting to work, you’ll always have time for the next novel on your list. As an added bonus, PureWow readers pay only $7.49 per month for the first three months of membership (versus the full $14.95 per month).

5 Books to Download on Audible Now

1. “Yes Please”

This memoir validates just why Amy Poehler is one of our biggest girl crushes: She’s hilarious, candid and, not to mention, she’s got plenty of wisdom to instill. Download it now.

5 Books to Download on Audible Now

2. “The Girl on the Train”

If you’re in the market for a mystery, British author Paula Hawkins keeps you on your toes until the final pages. Download it now.

5 Books to Download on Audible Now

3. “All the Light We Cannot See”

Anthony Doer’s novel about the intertwined lives of a German boy and a blind French girl in Nazi-occupied France is poetic and beautifully crafted. Download it now.

4. “Funny Girl”

Nick Hornby’s newest novel takes place on the set of sitcom in the ‘60s. Humorous, light and with a bit of social commentary, you’ll delve through it as if binge-watching a TV show. Download it now.

5 Books to Download on Audible Now

5. “So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed”

In this sharp and amusing work of nonfiction, Jon Ronson presents a collection of social media wreckages. He follows careers laid to waste and individual reputations tarnished all due to mistakes made on the Internet. Download it now.

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