6 Summer Movie Sequels that Probably Won’t Suck


Because how could anything in the “Pitch Perfect” franchise suck?

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“Pitch Perfect 2” (In theaters)

Pitch Perfect was basically the best movie ever made (we mean: “Cups”!), so it only stands to reason that Pitch Perfect 2 will be equally aca-magical. Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson are back, and True Grit breakout star Hailee Steinfeld joins the cast.

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“Entourage” (June 3)

E! Turtle! Ari! Lloyd! Everybody’s back for this reboot of the HBO series about badly behaved boys and their movie star pal (Adrian Grenier, who defies the laws of aging).

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“Jurassic World” (June 12)

Here us out: The CGI is better, the raptors now have distinct personalities and Chris Pratt is involved. Take your little nephew and find yourself charmed.

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“Ted 2” (June 26)

This time, the talking bear is trying to convince Mark Wahlberg to be his sperm donor. Hilarity ensues.

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“Magic Mike XXL” (July 1)

Are we not women? Do we not have desires? Is there any way we’re not buying our tickets in advance to see more of Channing Tatum writhing around a pole in Floridian strip clubs?

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“Vacation” (July 29)

The Griswolds are ba-aaaack.

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