A Dish That Counts Calories

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SmartPlate knows when you’re eating fish… and when it’s a double-fudge brownie!

You’re intelligent. That’s why we’re friends. But a few things in life are just a teeny bit smarter. For instance, your 13-year-old niece is much more knowledgeable when it comes to what the hell the “information desk girl” emoji means (here’s a clue).

And now it’s your dinner plate. May we introduce SmartPlate.

The high-tech dish, which looks like sleek Tupperware crossed with a divided picnic plate, does all the work for you. Simply assemble your meal (fish + quinoa + spinach) and SmartPlate’s genius sensors (which include embedded cameras–seriously) will automatically identify, weigh and analyze what you’re about to eat. The plate then displays the food’s nutritional content (calories, carbs, sugar and such) at the top of the dish. The corresponding app shows more nutritional data and also acts like a food diary, keeping track of your habits without your having to put pen to paper.

We were skeptical, so we put it to the test, starting with our morning Granny Smith. SmartPlate told us it was low in calories (140) but high in natural sugars (28 grams). That night, it figured out we were having brown rice (as opposed to white) with dinner. The app even has a Portion Patrol feature that will send you a warning if you pile your plate too high.

SmartPlate can also tell you whether you’re short on carbs, proteins or fats for the day. But beware: It won’t ever tell you that you need a frosted cupcake for dessert.

Available for preorder (starting at $119) now.

Source: PureWow


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