Actors hit Mantus nightclub to celebrate locally shot film ‘The Alp’

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The entire cast of the new movie The Alp took over Mantus nightclub in Downtown Dallas Saturday night. The celebration of the upcoming release of the independent horror film brought out more than 100 supporters.

There were actors, models, rappers, and a whole lotta bottle popping.

Among those at the party at Mantus were (from left) Swisha House artist  Lil Young,  “The Alp” producer Juan Salas and lead actor Yusef Abdur-Razzaq.

You may remember movie producer Juan Salas, actor Yusef Abdur-Razzaaq and rapper Pooca Leroy from their debut in the local hit movie Triple D. Now with Abdur-Razzaaq starring alongside Vanessa Anders and Get Hard actor Adrian Lockett, the crew is tackling a much different theme. Move over drug dealers and Dallas street life, hello scary German folklore!

The Alp, which was shot mainly in Fort Worth, will focus on sleep paralysis, which is when a person is falling asleep or waking up and feels an inability to move, speak, or react. It is often accompanied by terrifying hallucinations. In German folklore, the word Alp refers to a  nightmarish creature.

All of the cast members were proud to see the club filled with supporters. Local actors, along with their friends and families, filled the VIP area and hit the dance floor. Swisha House artist Lil Young was also on the mic keeping the crowd dancing.

Although the movie isn’t set to be released until October 2015, by the looks of the crowd it’s going to be another win for the film’s producer, Juan Salas. Salas said he was excited about the crowd and the reaction of the local film. Although they were unable to show the trailer due to technical difficulties at the club, he plans to host private movie premieres in Dallas and Fort Worth before releasing the movie to the public. You can watch it right here:

*Be sure to watch the movie trailer, plus interviews of the main actors on Wednesday, August 5th at 11PM, Channel 55 (Dallas Latino TV).

Source: GuideLive


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