Blackout Goes Green Celebrity Dog Adoption and Pet Fashion Show


What’s adorable and just wants to be loved? Shelter puppies, of course!

On Wednesday March 16th, we got to attend an adoption event held at Sisu in downtown Dallas. There were many dogs and puppies showcased that need their fur-ever homes. It was incredibly difficult to walk out of there without a puppy in hand.

Sol Tucker, one the men in charge of setting this up, clearly has a heart of gold. He got into these events because of his passion for animals. When it comes down to it, that’s what any of this is about. When you get athletes that play professional sports involved, that pushes the community even more. Sol himself has a 2-year-old rescue pit bull that is now the mascot of Players and Pets. This poor animal was tied up on a four-foot leash and skin and bones when she was found. One million pit bulls per year are euthanized. One million of one specific breed. If that many of one breed are put to sleep each year, just think of how many dogs of any breed are put down each year. Sol, Flip Jones and Tim Hill have been working and hosting Players and Pets for four years now with Push Media. This started in Houston with NBA All-Stars. From there, they has taken this event to four different cities including Scottsdale, D.C., Miami, and now Dallas. Getting the players involved that are so passionate about animals just proves the success of what is being done and will continue to be done.

I would like to give a huge shout out and thank you to Sol, Flip and Tim they are in charge of making all of this happen, the East Dallas Pet Rescue, 106.1 KISS.FM and Billy the Kidd, Fox Sports, 103.7 KVIL, the Dallas Stars, Push Media, and Sisu for letting this happen at your venue. Again, thank you to all of you! Without you, events like this could not take place. The importance of these events keeps getting bigger and bigger and allowing them to happen will make them more and more successful and get more pets placed into their loving homes. To anybody I missed, thank you to you too! You are equally as important!

To anyone reading this, please check out to find your perfect companion! There are so many shelters in the DFW Metroplex that are full of animals just waiting for you to come and pick them up. Please adopt… Don’t shop!

Wirter: Caitlin Cannon
Photographer: Clinton Bales





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