Bronco at Verizon Theater on July 21, 2018 at 8pm


If there are few artists who manage to create a success that transcends time, there are few people who provide culture with a songbook capable of uniting millions of people, regardless of their social status, education or geographical location. When the gallop of Bronco is listened to, it is the indelible mark of its history, with simple but emotional lyrics, a mastery of the dance rhythms and, above all, a unique style that has earned them an infinity of awards and international recognitions.

Bronco name that would choose to see pass a racing car, started in 1979 Apocada with Jose Guadalupe Esparza who joined his friends from high school to form the group. They went through their first years with intense work; sleeping the four in a single hotel room and giving presentations almost without public. His desire for success was what made them not give up and enter the studio for their first album.

It is with the sponsorship of the artistic director Homero Hernández that the transnational ARIOLA signs them; with them they would record Sergio the dancer, disc that inaugurated an avalanche of successes and with which they would arrive at American scenes, in spite of all the obstacles that had suffered in the beginnings his race. Let there be no trace, I will never forget you, Bold friend, I adore, Gold, Hard heart, What we throw at you, A weekend, If you fall in love, The punished, Hard heart, Look at her, Heels, Look at her and Thirst were some of his endless successes harvested. Each musical production meant several Golden Record and Platinum awards. Box office records in various scenarios. They produced and acted in their own movie “Bronco”. They made an animated music video of Los punished, something strange and innovative for the time and, above all, for grupera music artists. They released their cartoon “Sensacional de Bronco”. They were rewarded in an event transmitted via satellite. They had already managed not only to be a group but to become their own brand from which various products were made.

In 1993 they managed to cram the Plaza de Toros México. Faced with this race, producer Emilio Larrosa invites them to participate in the telenovela Dos mujeres, un camino. The telenovela was so well received by the public that it extended from three months to a year; with this they gained visual identity for the international audience, especially for Central and South America.

And at the peak of their success Bronco, without any prior notice, they started a farewell tour with an album titled “La última huella”. They traveled everywhere they were praised, so the tour had to last a year. His last concert came and to do it he chose the Azteca Stadium, on December 21, 1997. A concert that marked his own footprint in the group …

However, despite all the experience, everything suffered, everything achieved, Bronco has continued galloping; and in our days comes with the new blood that reformed the group: René and José Esparza (sons of Lupe) and Javier Cantú (son of Los Barón de Apodaca). They arrive at the right moment to start a new great moment in the Bronco race, the realization of their First Row.

With the launching of his First Row, Bronco manages to place himself in the constellation of Spanish-American artists who are sheltered under this great concept, being his exceptional case to be the only regional Mexican music group to perform it. His recording in the iconic Churubusco Studios shows a group at the peak of his career that can make an emotional journey through his musical history in 16 hits can present 3 exciting new songs composed by Lupe next to Miguel Luna and José Luis Roma (River Rome). All this enlivened by the overwhelming charisma of the band and the collaborations of Cristian Castro, Julieta Venegas, Leon Larregui, Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas, LemonGrass and even a theme with mariachi. It is an unforgettable project, carried out by a group that waited for the exact moment to return to realize a project of these dimensions and that now that they have the experience of a whole life and with the vitality of a new generation, at last, they can undertake. This is how the sound of his gallop returns, with that force that makes him tremble; a gallop called First Row, with a Bronco MORE BRONCH THAN EVER.


* Lupe Esparza: voice and bass

* Ramiro Delgado: keyboards and accordion

* René Esparza: bass and voice

* José Esparza: guitar and voice

* Javier Cantú: drums

USocial Networks:

* Facebook: grupobronco

* Twitter: @grupo_bronco

* Instagram: @grupo_bronco

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