Cowlishaw: Could Robert Griffin III fit Cowboys’ future? Well, the line would suit him


Robert Griffin III has found himself on the Washington Redskins’ bench before. But never while relatively healthy and at the start of a season. That’s why, while the 2015 season is just getting set to start, this feels more like the end of the RG III saga in Washington than any sort of beginning.

Head coach Jay Gruden told the team Monday that Kirk Cousin will start the season opener against the Miami Dolphins. Maybe he just didn’t like Griffin’s chances of surviving against the Dolphins’ new superstar, Ndamukong Suh. But that announcement increased the volume of stories on the Redskins looking to trade the man who was supposed to be their franchise-saving quarterback.

If another team is interested, could it be the Cowboys? The club needs to find a successor to 35-year-old Tony Romo, and with those three first-round picks on the offensive line, Dallas would offer Griffin just about the best protection money can buy.

But I can’t imagine that the Cowboys, looking at tape of the last two seasons and Griffin’s injury history, could see him as a viable option. Or even as a realistic work in progress.

As a rookie, Griffin threw 20 touchdown passes to go with five interceptions while leading Washington to the playoffs. Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones admitted that it was going to be a challenge to face him twice year after year.

In two seasons since, Griffin has missed 10 games with injury, thrown for 20 touchdowns with 18 interceptions and 11 fumbles. And, most importantly, he no longer strikes fear into opposing defenses as a running threat after so many injuries.

Could a team with less realistic Super Bowl hopes than the Cowboys see Griffin as a worthwhile risk? I’d say it’s possible, but his $6.7 million salary cap hit this season makes that problematic for anyone.

For now, Griffin’s simply a backup. But being that it’s the Redskins, Griffin will get another chance because you know things will change sooner than expected. When someone compared the team’s soap opera nature to the Kardashians, Fox’s Troy Aikman said, “I don’t think that’s fair. I don’t think the Kardashians are nearly as dysfunctional.

Source: DallasNews

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