Dallas Comic Con Fan Days February 13th – 14th

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Comic Con: A place where nerds feel at home and can mingle with others that share the same affinity for all things geek. This past weekend the Irving Convention Center hosted the Dallas Comic Con Fan Days. Between all the cosplayers, vendors, and panels, I was not sure where to look.

Cons are easily the best place to see some amazing cosplay. I would have to say that the guy dressed as Toothless was my favorite. Not only was it a very well done cosplay, he was committed! Kudos to you, Toothless… Crawling around on all fours and being hunched over shows your dedication! There was no lack of Arrow or Deadpool cosplayers, myself included as Deadpool, either. Let’s be honest though… I don’t think there could ever be too many Deadpools.

The vendors and artists that come out to these conventions are truly talented. Between the prints and the rare collectibles, it is really easy to make your bank account drop. A lot.

I had the chance to sit in on the Stephen Amell Q&A panel, which proved to be incredibly entertaining. Try as you may, you could not get him to break down and give up the answer to “WHO IS IN THE GRAVE!?” He did, however, drop a few hints as to what is coming up! Fair warning: Small spoiler ahead. A much liked character by the name of Cupid is going to be making an appearance again. Not only is Cupid making a comeback, Vixen will also make be making an appearance.

Anyway… Thank you to all the artists, stars, and fans that make these conventions possible! As a fan of a wide variety of nerdy things, I absolutely love con season! Enjoy the photos from this past weekend and until next time, “live long and prosper!” (RIP Leonard Nimoy. We still love you. <3) Article: Caitlin Cannon Photos: Clinton Bales DSC_5516-XL





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