Dallas Cowboys fans now have their very own restaurant at D/FW Airport


A new restaurant called the Dallas Cowboys Club was designed after the posh Legends Club at AT&T Stadium. The trouble with the Legends Club is, unless you have a ticket to the exclusive suites on the Hall of Fame level at Jerry Jones’ stadium, you’re not getting in.

The new Dallas Cowboys Club in Terminal A at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport brings that exclusivity to the masses. As of July 1, the Texas-themed restaurant is open to anyone through security at D/FW Airport.

You can bet fans of America’s Team — whether they’re from here or just passing through — will be lured in by all that blue and white.

The TVs above the bar were designed to look like Jerry's big TVs. In similar style, you can't miss 'em.
The Dallas Cowboys Club is a sports bar, but it feels like a lounge.

The sleek interior has football references both subtle and not: The bar is football shaped, though you might not notice. Bolder design choices are the Cowboys photos on the walls and the hard-to-miss TVs showing Tony Romo playbacks.

Games of any kind will be shown on the TVs, however. (So if your team is playing and you’re stuck in the airport: They’ll show your game of choice, says Will Collins, senior director of operations for HMS Host.) Cowboys playbacks will always show on at least a couple of TVs at all times, however.

The executives behind the Cowboys Club hope you “feel like you’re at AT&T Stadium,” says Stephen Jones, COO and executive vice president for the Dallas Cowboys.

“If you don’t actually get to go to a Cowboys game, you can come here and get the same experience.” (Well, almost. Don’t expect live football.)

The Dallas Cowboys Club has a full bar -- essential for long flight delays.
The menu fixates on ‘Texas’ food, and that means plenty of beef and lots of heat.

Executive chef Matthew Corbett used “standard stadium food” as inspiration, he says, but you won’t find nachos or hot dogs here. The menu includes a zippy chicken and cheese quesadilla; a pork carnitas torta with lime-cilantro slaw; chicken tenders; “naked” wings; and a brisket sandwich.

The chef expects his four burgers to be some of the most popular items on the menu. “Doing a good burger here is essential,” he says.

Consider the Cowboys Club your best bet next to dining at Jerry’s house. We haven’t been invited yet, either.

Source: DallasNews

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