Food Face Off: 2% Greek Yogurt vs Low-Fat Yogurt

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Is Greek Yogurt the nutritional superstar it’s made out to be? That all depends on your dietary needs. If you are looking for a snack that wallops hunger with a crazy amount of protein, low sugar and just a few carbs, Greek is the dairy for you – as long as your willing to splurge in the fat department.

But both yogurts are similar in a lot of important ways: They are both amazing sources of gut-friendly probiotics, calcium, bone building phosphorus, and the blood pressure regulator potassium.


Watch out for sugar content! It fluctuates big time between all the different brands. The ones with the added fake fruit on the bottom are to be avoided at all costs. Forget the corn syrup, fruit concentrate sweeteners, and just simply slice up your own fresh fruit slices into it instead. Avoid natural and artificial flavors and go organic to avoid dairy from cows given artificial growth hormones.


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