Har Mar Superstar | 11.10.14


It’s a rare thing when an opening act surpasses a headliner. Even rarer? When the opening act has moves, music, and hips that your MaMa warned you about. Har Mar Superstar was all of these things and more at the November 10th show at Trees. Before Har Mar took the stage the other opening acts were Toby Goodshank, (think of a poorly executed, hyper sexual middle school talent show), and Candy Boys (think of your Dad wearing a neon crop top, short shorts, and leggings. Oh, and he’s singing songs strictly about candy). Due to the fact that the first two openers were nauseatingly awful, I wasn’t expecting much from Har Mar. However, I was pleasantly surprised when my ears were graced with a smooth combination of funk, jazz, and 80’s influenced, easy listening rock. Sean Tillmann is a talented vocalist, and has a very personable stage presence. His backing band was wonderful, with the bass player looking like a crossover of Ryan Gosling and Chuck Norris, the drummer looking disinterested in the whole set, and the guitar player executing his parts with proficiency. So, if you’re wanting to feel a bit of nostalgia, or just want to boogie, go check out Har Mar Superstar at one of the upcoming tour dates with The Pizza Underground.

Article and photography by: Faye Fetters





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