Lance & Cheryl’s Twintastic Birthday Party!

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What do Emmitt Smith, Spud Webb, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Alumni, and Dee Lincoln, Restaurant Guru have in common? A birthday party for two-year-old twins, of course!

Former SoftLayer CEO Lance Crosby and wife Cheryl, former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, threw an epic shindig on Saturday April 2nd for their twin children, Trevor and Angelina, and boy oh boy, did they have the time of their tiny lives! It was definitely a great place for all the kids to get their energy out. Between the sandbox, Play-Doh table, dress up station for all the little princesses, ball pit, and two bounces houses, I wouldn’t be surprised if the kids sleep for a week straight! Fun was to be had anywhere and everywhere you looked.

Attendees consisted of Pat & Emmitt Smith (of the new TV reality show MRS & MR Smith on The Own Channel), Spud Webb, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Alumni, Dee Lincoln, and many of Lance and Cheryl’s cherished friends and family. It was rumored that Beyonce and Jay-Z was going to make an appearance but due to singing obligations (darn those careers) she was unable to make it, but do not fret! Some other arrangements had been made and another celebrity duo showed up; Cookie Monster and Elmo! Everybody knows that a birthday party isn’t complete until those two arrive! The twins were so excited that they couldn’t even. You could see the excitement in their eyes and the joy in their faces, which let’s face it, is enough to make everybody melt.

Mike Napoli of the Cleveland Indians, and formerly of the Texas Rangers, is the Godfather to Trevor and Angelina. Mike was in town but was unable to attend the party due to having a game against the Rangers. He did have several gifts sent to the kids though, so huge shout out and thank you to him!

Snacks and drinks were abundant for children and adults alike on a perfect Texas day. Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate the birthday of Trevor and Angelina! It was definitely a heck of a party because there ain’t no party like a Sesame Street party because a Sesame Street party don’t stop!

Article By: Caitlin Cannon
Photos By: Clinton Bales






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