Mark your calendars: Slide the City slips through Dallas Aug. 22


Perhaps you haven’t slipped down a giant slide since you were 8 years old. Well, mark your calendars, because your childhood is back.

Slide the City announced a long water slide will pop up in West Dallas on Aug. 22. Note that this is a different company than Urban Slide, which slipped through Dallas July 11 and 12.

Back in June, Slide the City hosted a 1,700-foot slide in Fort Worth. We did it, and we learned: You are not too old to try this.

In Fort Worth, Slide the City-ers beat a Guinness World Record for “longest distance slid on a slip and slide in one hour.” No word on whether a World Record attempt will be made in Dallas.

It's very surprising that this slider didn't lose her sunglasses at Slide the City in Fort Worth June 6, 2015.

It’s very surprising that this slider didn’t lose her sunglasses at Slide the City in Fort Worth June 6, 2015.

What you need to know

  • Tickets are on sale now.
  • Some say this event is pricey: It’s $20-$60 per person.
  • Wear a bathing suit. You will get wet.
  •  Consider bringing knee pads. For real: At the Fort Worth event, the slide wasn’t slippery the whole way through. We spent plenty of time walking our tube to the next slick spot. Once back on the slide, we crashed into strangers many times.
  • Careful with the GoPro. Selfie stickscan hurt you or your neighbors.
  • It’s totally cool to wear a costume. We saw people dressed as monkeys and bananas, sliding on blow-up Shamus and cartoon Jet Skis. There aren’t many rules here.
  • Come with a good attitude. If this is anything like the Fort Worth event, lines will be long. It might be hot. You could lose your shoes. (I did.) Keep your cool and remember: You’re an adult at a one-day water slide. How bad can it be?


Find Slide the City details here.

Source: GuideLive


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