Minibar Alcohol Delivery Service Launches Subscriptions So You Can Keep Drinking


Minibar, the digital service layer connecting delivery liquor stores with consumers, has today announced the launch of a new subscription feature, letting users set up recurring deliveries.

With subscriptions, users can place a particular order on repeat for once a week, once every two weeks, once every three weeks, or once a month.

These deliveries are scheduled for the same day of the week with a specified two-hour window of availability (since Minibar deals in alcohol, someone must be present with an ID to receive the delivery).

“Fifteen percent of our business is from corporate clients, whether they stock up on beer to have a complete kitchen or host a monthly happy hour,” said cofounder Lara Crystal. “For office managers, the idea of running out to get mixers and beer for the office can be a real hassle, so we wanted to make things easier on them.”

Obviously, Minibar subscriptions aren’t just for corporate clients — if you want your two favorite wines delivered every few weeks, Minibar can set up small recurring orders, as well.


Minibar is one startup in a growing group of alcohol-based delivery services, ranging from direct competitor Drizly to totally different business models like that of Craft & Rare.

The Minibar technology lets users order whatever alcohol they want (beer, wine, liquor) from a liquor store that already offers delivery. The consumer gets to order alcohol on-demand from the comfort of their own home or office, and the liquor store gets extra leads, with Minibar taking a cut, of course.

Founded in May 2013, the company has raised $1.8 million and offers service in 15 cities across the U.S.

Minibar currently serves many metropolitan areas across the US. If you’re not currently covered, sign up after entering in your address and we will notify you once we begin serving your neighborhood! We currently deliver wine & liquor in New York City, Chicago, Miami, Brooklyn, Hoboken, The Hamptons, San Francisco, Washington DC, Jersey City, Silicon Valley, Palm Beach, Austin, Houston, Minneapolis, San Diego, Los Angeles, Denver, & Dallas.

Source: TechCrunch

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