The app that monitors your posture

The App that Monitors your Posture

In the good old days, children swung from tire swings, gluten had not yet started its reign of terror… and nobody spent the entire day hunched over a tiny MacBook Air.

In other words: The modern world has done a number on your posture.

Here to help is Nekoze, a free new Web app for Mac that monitors slouching and lets you know when you’re out of line.

Upon installing, you grant Nekoze access to your computer’s camera. (So you’ll have to get over your Big Brother paranoia if you want to use it.) Then, sit up as straight as you can so the app can calibrate your baseline posture. From then on, a little kitten icon chills in your menu bar, watching you do your thing.

When you’re sitting up straight, you won’t hear a peep. But when you start to slouch, the cat will get all crazy-faced and meow until you remedy the slumpage.

Nekoze uses facial recognition to know the difference between you and other people using your computer, and it won’t work if it can’t identify the user.

Oh, and in case you were wondering: Nekoze means “someone with a rounded back” in Japanese (which would be you, after approximately 30 seconds of sitting at your laptop).

Source: PureWow

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