Delivery apps in Dallas just made it easier to cross off errands from your To-Do list.

Perfect for busy parents or grocery shopping haters, plat delivers groceries to your door within an hour. Recently launched and serving the Dallas area, this streamlined app eliminates a delivery fee and easily allows you to select the items you want from produce, fruit, meat, beer and wine, to household goods. A great feature of plat is the recipe page which adds some meal inspiration along with the list of ingredients needed. Shoppers must purchase a minimum of $35 for delivery.

Healthy Snacks
If you’d rather opt out of the grocery bundle, Nature Box delivers five healthy snacks to your home each month. At a monthly rate of $19.95, you can choose between over a hundred different and nutritionist approved snacks. These snacks act as a great reminder to eat healthy throughout the day and are great replacements to the standard bag of chips. Also the primary choice for people with dietary restrictions, Nature Box offers dried fruits, nut bars, baked treats, and even popcorn. Order online or try things out with a free trial.

Restaurant Food
Favor is the popular app which delivers almost anything to your doorstep. Some of their featured restaurants for Dallas include Torchy’s Tacos, Raising Cane’s, Sprinkles Cupcakes, Juice Supply, Pakpao Thai Food, and Liberty Burger. You can select from their favorites or enter your own restaurant, dry cleaning, pharmacy, or grocery store. Basically anything, except for alcohol unfortunately. While the price of your food remains the same, Favor does require a delivery fee of $6 along with an additional five percent of the items’ total amount. Tip is also required for the runner who will be readily available through text or call. Delivery is speedy averaging at about 35 minutes, and all payment is paperless.

Gourmet Food
Don’t want to get ready for a high class restaurant but still want the food? The caviar app offers the elevated meal you desire complete with enticing photos and full restaurant menu making you want to order more. Delivery takes 60 to 80 minutes and at a shockingly low fee of $4.99, along with an automatic 18 percent tip to the courier. Choose from some of Dallas’ best eats like Bob’s Steak and Chop House, Cane Rosso, Kenichi Sushi, Bangkok City, and many more. Pre-ordering may be required.

There’s nothing worse than showing up to a party and forgetting to bring the wine. Never show up empty handed again with Lash. Don’t have time to run to the liquor store? Lash takes care of it with free delivery to your home on orders over $35. Lash allows you to pick the spirit of your choice and time of convenience. Download the app and be party ready.

Source: DMagazine