The Shoulder Pillow

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If shoulder problems, neck problems or snoring are a part of your life…Or if you suddenly have to sleep on your back… your SAVIOR is here!

The absolute best pillow for after surgery, injury and plain out support. If you’ve just had shoulder surgery. Or you need to sleep on your back for some other reason. Your savior is here!

Two thirds of people will experience shoulder, neck or snoring problems in their lifetime. With nighttime restless discomfort being the toughest part of the ordeal.  

The Shoulder Pillow  has a patented orthopedic design that provides a cloud like comfort. It supports the body and head while unloading the shoulder and allowing it to lie in an anatomic position.

The materials are of the highest quality, with the softest fabric and most durable foam that doesn’t lose its shape in any way. It snugs you in at the ribcage for extra support while putting all the weight off your shoulder. I had no idea how much pressure we put laying on our sides at night until tried this pillow.

The pillow allows you to choose various positions to fit your condition. Its uses also allow for an enhanced tv watching experience, reduced snoring and even as a comfortable computer tray as I have found out. A use not mentioned but helpful to my experience has been the ability to comfortably sleep on the back therefore reducing grinding of teeth while sleeping.

This amazing pillow is recommended to anyone who has shoulder, arm or neck pain. Have recently had surgery, injury or any other condition that calls for shoulder support. A need for sleeping on your back, snoring reduction or just simply wants a more comfortable night’s sleep.

The best part of the pillow is that even during this trying time of recovery you can stay close to your loved one as you sleep. Two shoulder pillows placed side by side allows you to sleep comfortably with your love.  The Shoulder Pillow web site recommends putting the two pillows together with the cutouts adjacent for snuggling your partner on your sides. It even reduces the “Dead Arm” that occurs in the middle of cuddle night.

Thank you Dr. Tingey for designing such a valuable product that adds value back into a person’s life by allowing such a better night’s sleep at a time when rest is most needed for the body to heal properly. The fact that you took a practice called the “axillary roll” that raises the chest wall off the surgical table and decreases pressure on the shoulder and transformed it into the Shoulder Pillow was genius and life altering to so many.

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