Tony Romo: Out of OTAs after surgery to remove back cyst

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Although surgery of any kind is obviously nothing to take lightly, there is no indication that Romo will miss a significant amount of time. Considering the fact that Romo is entering his 11th NFL season, missing OTAs shouldn’t adversely affect him or the Cowboys as a whole in 2013.

Tony Romo spoke with the media for the first time this offseason Tuesday afternoon, addressing a litany of topics – none more pressing than his recent injury news.

The press conference came just hours after reports revealed that the Cowboys’ 11th-year quarterback had undergone a medical procedure to remove a cyst and would miss the duration of team OTA’s.

“Like someone wrote today, we just had a minor procedure to remove a cyst, and so you just had to get that done and I feel a lot better,” Romo said. “It was something that was there that was a little bit, kind of annoying, so you’d rather feel 100 percent here. Hopefully I’ll be back for minicamp and be ready to go, but we’re just being smart right now for the next couple of weeks and we’ll take it from there.”

“It was just kind of like ‘What is this? Let’s go take care of this,’” Romo said. “There was no ‘Woah, that’s the biggest thing I’ve ever seen.’ It was just a little cyst, so we just took it out and they said ‘OK, you’re good.’”

Although Romo said he feels fine at this point, the plan with coaches and doctors is to wait the extra few weeks to be sure. He added that he is fully healed from the procedure and is increasing his workload little by little.

“You’ve got to be smart this time of year, and I understand that,” Romo said. “At the same time, you’re ready to go, and you want to get back and get into it.”

Despite the fact that Romo often takes the brunt of the criticism for Dallas’ failures, he has developed into an upper-level starting quarterback, as evidenced by nearly passing for 5,000 yards last season.

In the meantime, Kyle Orton will be leading the team during OTA’s.


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