Want to know who’s unfriended you on Facebook? There’s an app for that

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It can be tough being popular. You know what I mean if you’ve ever wondered why you stopped getting Facebook notifications from some random guy you met at a bar, only to check his profile and see that you’re no longer friends. Like when did that happen?

Enter, a new app that lets you know when “friends” become “unfriends.” It’s called Who Deleted Me on Facebook, and it’s now available on iOS, Android and as a Chrome extension.

According to Mashable, the app debuted in 2009 and worked directly with Facebook to provide the service, but the social networking site nixed it because it “circumvented their intended limitations,” Anthony Kuske, the app’s developer, told the pub.

Once you download Who Deleted Me on Facebook, the app will keep track of your friends and unfriends by connecting with individual user accounts rather than Facebook’s API, Mashable says. The app cannot not track friend activity prior to its download. So that random guy who already deleted you? Sorry, we’ll never know exactly how long it’s been since he gave you the boot.

Preliminary user reviews of the app say it’s difficult to login to. Let us know about your experience with it on Facebook. (We promise not to unfriend you.)

Source: GuideLive


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